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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Have a wonderful (Thanksgiving) weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a delicious day. We're heading to our friends' house, and I'm hoping to park myself in front of their fireplace with a glass of white wine. (And if you get stumped for conversation, remember these!) Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web...

This weekend, I'm excited to watch this movie.

The Thanksgiving recipes googled most often in each state.

Did you know there's a secret apartment in the Eiffel Tower?

How to set the Thanksgiving table. (No salad or appetizers!)

Seinfeld's girlfriends had great style.

Remember this hilarious spoof about visiting your parents?

Loving this winter nail polish.

How to flirt with your husband.

Hipster business name generator.

The world's happiest countries.

Why your body feels so weird on a plane.

A sweet gift for a best friend.

Tina Fey's new show is coming to Netflix!

Whoa. Paul Rudd's '80s hair.

Funny video to entertain the kids this weekend. (Toby is obsessed.)

Don't forget to enter the $1000 giveaway—the winner will be chosen on Monday!

(Photo by the Brooklyn Home Company)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gift Guide Part #2: Your Bearded Husband Who Cooks Amazing Spaghetti Bolognese, Goofs Around With Your Kids and Never Complains When You Want to Watch House Hunters.

Sway, $12, a novel about the Rolling Stones and the Manson family at a time the '60s were going from peace and flowers to revolution and dread. Truly next-level writing, the book was named one of the Best Books of 2008 by the Los Angeles Times and Rolling Stone. A slam-dunk gift (if he hasn't read it yet).

Flannel pants, because there's nothing cuter than guys in pjs. $49.50. (These are cute, too.)

AMAZING Brooklyn-made candles, including a "portable fireplace" and a diesel candle that smells like "saffron leather, suede, earth and smoke." $65.
Salami-of-the-month club (for a year), $145. Like a calendar, but better.
Dopp kit, $68, to make him smile each morning.
Magnetic money clip from cool Detroit-based design firm Shinola. $75.
Tickets to Upright Citizens Brigade's ASSSSCAT, the funniest improv show in NYC (and Amy Poehler hosts!). $10/ticket.
Find Momo, a funny hide-and-seek photo coffee-table book starring an elusive border collie. $12.
Chocolate whiskey from Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn. $25. No explanation necessary.
Whale tray, $24, a great place to stash his glasses, loose change and that bike key he's always losing.
Being Mortal, $15.60. With eye-opening research and riveting storytelling, this book by surgeon Atul Gawande talks about how we—and the medical field—can better help people live their last weeks or months. Moving and important.
Remote-control helicopter to fly around the living room to thrill your children (and himself), $19.

P.S. More gifts for husbands, and last year's complete gift guide.

(Top photo from Sonic Editions. Photo of Anton and Toby by Winnie Au)

Eggnog French Toast

We're wrapping up our month of comfort food with a comfort breakfast: this decadent eggnog French toast. How delicious would this be to serve guests over the holidays? Today, Jacquelyn from Lark & Linen shares her recipe...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift Guide Part #1: Your Beautiful Mom Who Smells Like Soap, Loves Jane Austen and Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies Every Time You Visit.

Flowers every month, to get her through the winter, starting at $149.
Stroopwafels with caramel that melt over a hot mug of tea. $20. (This mug would make a good pairing.)
Felted pan handle covers because a) she's an amazing cook, and b) where have these been all our lives?! $28 for two.
Blood, Bones & Butter, $10.27, the gripping memoir of a New York City chef Gabrielle Hamilton (it was a wild ride!), along with her new cookbook, $27.
Faux fur throw, $79, the softest, coziest blanket (our friends have one), so she can cuddle up while reading books, watching Homeland and listening to Serial (and then call you afterward!).
Porcelain table lanterns, $35, beautiful handmade candleholders to make her dining table glow.
Monogrammed leather wallet, $120, for a pop of red in her bag, and because she'll use it every day and think of you.
Snow Cloud Slippers, $49.50, because it feels like walking on clouds.
Bath perfume, $72, the loveliest light scent, which smells like you're fresh out of the shower.
Head massage because it's the grown-up version of getting your hair played with. Prices vary.
A card saying how much you love her, since that's all she really wants anyway.

P.S. More gifts for moms, and last year's complete gift guide.

(Book photo by Tara Noland)

The Cup-of-Jo 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

This year, people (us included) seem so excited for the holidays that we're starting the gift guide a little early. I'm psyched to kick off the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide (the first post is coming right up). As always, I've tried to find things for every budget and personality, and I very much hope you enjoy it.

You can find past gift guides here: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007.

Ok, let's do this thing! xoxo

(Photo by Petra Warrass)

Monday, November 24, 2014

"You don't have to kiss grandma"

Thanksgiving is only three days away, whoot whoot! What are you doing for the holiday? My dad and aunt are coming to visit, and we're going to our friends' house for Thanksgiving dinner.

At a typical family gathering, little kids like Toby and Anton would be scooped up and kissed and hugged and tickled. And that's playful and wonderful (and usually they love it)—but what if a child doesn't want to be? Last year I read an eye-opening post encouraging parents not to force a child to hug or kiss anybody. At first I thought it was over the top, but I've thought about it countless times since then. If your child doesn't want to kiss every relative, that should be completely fine, right? They're teeny, but they still have a choice. To be polite, they can always wave, shake hands or give high-fives instead. Caroline was telling me how she dreaded family gatherings as a child because of the barrage of slobbery kisses—I totally get that now!

These things seem small, but little things can make a big difference. I think it's so important to show children that we respect their minds and bodies and to start teaching consent.

What do you think? I'd love to hear!

P.S. Six words to say to your child, and do you kiss your babies on the mouth?

Honest Company giveaway

One-year-old Anton is an easygoing guy except for one thing: getting dressed. He loathes it. So when we're at home, he likes to kick it in a diaper.
We've always used Honest diapers and wipes for the boys—they're natural, non-toxic and gentle without risky additives, lotions or latex. I highly recommend them. Plus, they have the cutest patterns, like Fair Isle Sweater...
...and Sleeping Bears. See all the cute girl ones here.
Anton also LOVES this old harmonica, which was actually Alex's when he was little.
Get down, Antoni!
Today Honest is giving away a whopping $1,000 gift card! What kinds of things would you choose? They not only have great baby products but also fantastic bath, body and cleaning products. We use their natural toothpaste, foaming hand soap and grapefruit cleaner. And of course those patterned diapers.

For a chance to win, just sign up for a free account at the Honest Company, then leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen next Monday at random. Thank you so much!

Bonus for all readers: Get 35% off any first-time purchase with the code CUPOFJO, good through this Thursday. Applies to U.S. and Canadian residents. This offer cannot be applied to previous purchases, current Bundles, gift cards or gift Bundles.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by The Honest Company, a brand we have loved and used for our family for years)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Have a delicious weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? The weather is FREEZING in New York, so we're going to cuddle up and read library books (Toby's new favorite thing). Alex and I also watched Jackie Brown this week, which was awesome. I love a good caper:) Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web...

The secret to the perfect grilled cheese.

Are you texting your way to back pain?

Wow, Emily's new living room is GORGEOUS.

Are you hosting guests for Thanksgiving? This made me laugh.

A guide to Thanksgiving etiquette. (Worth reading.)

These make me want to wear pajamas.

"I'm not trying to have it all."

What a cool invention!!!

"My family had a side-dish-only Thanksgiving, and it was awesome."

Quick! Use this page when the boss walks by.

Jim Gaffigan on binge-watching shows.

The reason I'm bad dancer.

Charts for people obsessed with Serial.

10 good documentaries on Netflix.

Last but not least: Loeffler Randall is having a huge sale, and Pinhole Press is offering Cup of Jo readers 30% off holiday cards with the code CUPOFJO.

Have a good one! xoxo

(Photo by Nikole Herriott, via Tara O'Brady)

Lung cancer. Enough.

Did you know that November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month?

As I shared back in January, my sister Lucy's husband, Paul, was diagnosed with lung cancer eighteen months ago. Many readers have asked about Paul over the past year, and while I haven't said too much (to respect Lucy and Paul's privacy online), I wanted you to know how much those kind thoughts have meant to all of us.

Before Paul was diagnosed, I didn't realize how often lung cancer strikes young non-smokers (like Paul). Lung cancer also kills more women than breast, ovarian and cervical cancers combined. Because smoking is the most common risk factor, lung cancer is often stigmatized and doesn't get nearly enough funding. (Here are some eye-opening facts.)

Lisa Goldman, a young mom with lung cancer, writes great posts about lung cancer misconceptions:
Lungs. They're Right Under Your Boobs!
Go Ahead (and ask me if I smoked)...Make My Day

This week, Lucy told me about the Purple Toes campaign, where OPI will send a purple nail polish to people who donate $25 or more to the ALCF for lung cancer research and advocacy. I wanted to spread the word, in case you might consider donating. Again, thank you so, so much for your support and concern for our family, and sending strength to all of you who have been touched by cancer. xoxo

P.S. You may remember Paul's article, "How Long Have I Got Left?" and here's a video interview with Paul, too.

(Photo from our wedding by Max Wanger)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wrapping paper

Can you believe how quickly the holidays came this year? I feel like I blinked once in September and here we are. We usually wrap our presents in newspapers and magazines, but the wrapping paper from etsy shop Norman's Printery would look really cool under the tree, don't you think?

The annual Cup of Jo gift guide will start next week—really looking forward to it! Let me know if you have any special requests:)
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